They’re Cancelling Ninjago!!!! Goodbye To Our Heroes :(

Ninjago Poster Image Universe

In 2013 that is… It’s been circulating that the awesome Lego Ninjago line will only run until the end of this season with the Pirates in tow. Next year, in 2013, there will no longer be a Ninjago series :(

Lego’s Ninjago line has been the company’s second most famous and profitable theme, trailing only to Star Wars. It’s sad to know that we won’t have our favorite ninjas and their silly antics next year.

Ninjago Poster Image Universe

Here’s an webisode from the Brick Show telling us about it.

Hope Lego changes their mind and continue with season 4 and beyond for Ninjago.

What do you think? Should they really end Ninjago after this year or should they come up with more stories about it?