About Dave and Marcus

Who Are These Guys?

Dave – He’s the dad…

Marcus – He’s the son…

That’s basically all you need to know about us for the most part!

dave and marcus lego ninjago fansite

Why Do They Have A LEGO Ninjago Site?

Dave loves creating websites as well as telling made-up “imagination stories” every night before Marcus goes to bed. Some stories are downright silly such as The Four Dumplings story he made up recently where Garmadon was having midnight munchies and orders the Skeletons Generals to find some in Ninjago.

If you’re interested with those silly stories, head over the Podcast section, he may have recorded some of them for your enjoyment.

Marcus is currently (2011) 7 years-old and has tons of LEGO minifigures at home, but his favorite are his LEGO Ninjago characters. He’s so addicted to them that he can tell you which head is Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole even without their bodies and he can pick out the four heads in a pool of 40+ other yellow LEGO minifigure heads!

He loves the minifigures a lot, more than the Battleground and Vehicle sets as he prefers making his own battle scenarios, mixing up ninja to fight against pirates or space characters, for instance.

Dave and Marcus Say…

We hope you guys like the site, while there are many other sites on the internet about LEGO, this is one of the very few sites dedicated 100% only on LEGO Ninjago.

Our site contains a lot of silly and senseless posts related to Ninjago that aren’t ‘official’ or ‘by the book’, but playing with LEGO is all about imagination and creativity anyway so it’s really more fun just forget the rules!

We also have a simple area to help you buy LEGO Ninjago toys easily online. Our product descriptions are unique and are based on our own experience owning them or at least playing with the sets in stores.

We truly, truly appreciate it when you do make purchases through our storefront as 70% the proceeds goes to Marcus’ school funds and 30% goes to Marcus’ annual donation to charity. This is Marcus’ first business and we appreciate your support.

All your purchases through this site are powered by Amazon.com, so you can be sure that it’s safe, cheap, and convenient.