Spinjitzu Smash!

How To Play Spinjitzu Smash Online Game

The free, online Spinjitzu Smash game is a flash game that allows you to use any of the four ninjas to battle the Skeleton Army on a grid-based battleground.

The basic premise is simply to get your enemies’ health down to zero and make sure your health keeps up until the end of the game.

Quick Tip: Make sure you have a LEGO account and you’ve signed-in because you wouldn’t be able to save your progress if you didn’t!

Instructions on How to Play the Spinjitzu Smash Online Game:

  • Pick and Ninja to Use
  • Note the game window. The left side of the game grid is the space you can move about. 9 grids total where you can control your character’s movement using the arrow buttons. The right side is your enemy’s area you can’t enter.
  • To attack, simply press the spacebar repeatedly. Your weapon depends on your character you’ve picked. Keep firing until your enemy runs out of health.
  • Notice the 4 battle cards at the bottom of the screen? You can pick those cards by using your number 1-4 keys to activate the card’s powers, just like the Spinjitzu game with spinners.
Use the right card and attack to get the highest odds of winning. As you progress, you can upgrade your character, weapon, and battle card deck as well, so keep fighting!

Note that there’s also the Spinjitzu Smash Creations extension game that lets you create your customized ninja and other goodies. Go check out the Spinjitzu Smash Creations page!