How to Play Spinjitzu Spinners and Battle Cards

How To Play Spinjitzu Spinners

The basic game play of LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Spinners is pretty simple, all you need are two players to get started.

Each player picks one character and three weapons of their choice. Place the character on a spinner (available in Spinner sets) and arm your character with a proper weapon (depending on your opponent’s character weakness).

You spin you characters with your thumb and forefinger and shout “Ninja….GO!!!” while you spin your character as fast as you can without losing control.

As the two spinners hit each other, the character that falls off the spinner loses, then the loser hand over a weapon until all weapons are lost to the opposing player.

The game can get a lot more exciting and complex when battle cards are put into play, but before we talk about the battle cards, watch these basic Lego Ninjago Spinner videos.

LEGO Ninjago Spinning Techniques | How To Play Lego Ninjago Spinners



LEGO Ninjago – How To Play Ninjago Part 1 Quick Guide



LEGO Ninjago Battle Cards

The game gets more complex, fun, and strategic when the battle cards are used. You need your character card as well as four battle cards in every match.

Each battle card has its own special ability that can help you win a battle. Whether it’s adding shields to your spinners, casting spells to quickly end a battle, ability to sacrifice a piece of equipment on your character instead of a weapon, there are many upgrades and power-ups available.

For more information on each card type, visit our Lego Ninjago Battle Card Wiki page.

Lego Ninjago – How To Use LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Battle Cards



Spinjitzu Matches Video Commercials

Here are some official LEGO commercials on exciting Spinjitzu Spinner battles.

LEGO Ninjago Kai vs Bonezai Commercial



LEGO Ninjago – Sensei Wu vs Lord Garmadon Commercial



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