Ninjago Photo Adventures

Dave and Marcus’ LEGO Ninjago photo adventures and blog posts are part of our full LEGO Ninjago Blog section.

The Photo Adventures contain fun, unplanned, amusing moments that we have with our LEGO Ninjago minifigures.

Marcus’ Message:

“My favorite Ninjago character is Kai, of course! He’s so cool and powerful. He also gets angry easily, like me. 

My dad’s favorite Ninja is Zane but his favorite character is General Nuckal because he’s silly and crazy.”

Dave’s Message:

“Yes, Nuckal’s my favorite, his skull is so cool with all those spikes and his eye-patch! Zane’s lack of sense-of-humor is funny to me as well!”

Hope you guys enjoy the blog posts below, they’re sorted by date of posting.

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