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The Ninjago line is part of LEGO’s big family of story sub-themes. Unlike many of LEGO’s other sub-themes, the Ninjago line is not based on a movie or TV series like Batman, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and others.

Similar ninja characters have appeared in older and more generic sets in the past such like the Castle theme back in 1998, but the LEGO Ninjago line is an all-new series launched this year (2011) with a unique group of skeleton enemies and a new spinner-top like add-ons that allow two or more players to do battles by spinning the characters towards each other, knocking each other off their spinner base.

The minor skeleton characters are mostly derivatives of skeletons in other LEGO series such as Pirates of the Carribean with special markings on them.

In addition, the collectors’ aspect of the series is quite addicting because of the multitude of weapons available as well as card collecting abilities as well.

The Ninjago Story

Ninjago is the land where the main characters live, and the main ‘martial art’ the characters master is called Spinjitzu (Art of Spinning?).

The Ninjago series is based on four main ninja characters: Kai – the Ninja of Fire; Cole – the Ninja of Earth; Jay – the Ninja of Lighting; and Zane, the the Ninja of Ice. The four ninjas are trained by a wise and old Spinjitzu master named Sensei Wu.

Sensei Wu and his four ninjas defend the land of Ninjago from Sensei Wu’s evil older brother – Lord Garmadon, Samukai, the King of the Underworld, and their army of skeleton soldiers.

LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Movie

Ninjago was created by the first Spinjitzu masters using the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. The Four Golden Weapons, in the hands of these Spinjitzu masters  they can have the power of creation – the ability to create ANYTHING they can imagine, an entire world even, which is what they did with the creation of Ninjago.

Evil in the Family

The father of the young Wu and Garmadon passed away, they were told to protect and defend the Four Golden Weapons from evil hands. Unfortunately, Lord Garmadon had other plans and wanted to change the world in his image.

Sensei Wu fought his brother and defended the Four Golden Weapons until Lord Garmadon was banished to the underworld.

Sensei Wu knows his brother will stop at nothing to steal the weapons, so he hid each weapon in a secret location and had a dragon guardian to protect the weapons.

In addition, Sensei Wu left a map that contains the secret location of each weapon to his most-trusted friend – a blacksmith who lives in Ninjago.

Secret Revealed

That blacksmith kept the map hidden in his weapon shop called Four Weapons, for years, and nobody knew it existed until years after his passing. By the time the Lord Garmadon and Samukai found out where the map was, Four Weapons is being ran by the blacksmith’s kids, Kai and Nya.

That faithful day when Samukai and his Skeleton army attacked the Four Weapons starts the whole Ninjago saga where Kai trains to become a ninja and form the most awesome ninja team ever!

Head over to watch the LEGO Ninjago – Masters of Spinjitzu movie now!

Beyond 2011

After 2011, a new set of LEGO Ninjago characters and upgrades to the existing character will be introduced. The ninjas transformed to their ZX ninja suits and they face a new group of enemies called Snakes. Stay tuned!

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