Golden Weapons

The Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu

Long before Ninjago existed, the first Spinjitzu masters, including the father of Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon, used the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu to create Ninjago.

Like the four ninjas’ Spinjitzu’s power, when combined, they have the ability to have the Power of Creation. Anything you can imagine, you can create.

Golden Dragon Sword

The Golden Dragon Sword is made from the volcanic breath of a Fire Dragon, and is very difficult to control because it seems to be ‘alive’. The Golden Dragon Sword can shoot out flames and fireballs and said to always return to its master’s hand when the sword is fully tamed. The ninjas found this weapon in the Fire Temple when Kai was trying to save Nya from Lord Garmadon.

This is the favorite weapon of Kai, the Ninja of Fire!

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Shurikens of Ice

The Shurikens of Ice was guarded by the Ice Dragon until the ninjas found it in the Frozen Wasteland. The shurikens has the ability to chill and freeze anything it touches, and when used properly, can freeze any enemy in place! Naturally, Zane loves these Shurikens of Ice being the Ninja of Ice and all!

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Scythe of Quakes

This mighty weapon can mow down trees and move mountains. Whoever masters it, can control the earth and rock elements. The ninjas retrieved this weapon in The Caves of Despair. This is Cole’s favorite weapon as he’s the Ninja of Earth!

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Nunchucks of Lighting

The fast-twirling, electrifying Nunchucks of Lighting Held was kept in the Floating Ruins that went as high as the cloud touches the sky! Held together by a bolt of lighting, these Nunchucks are a handful as they’re really fast and powerful.  Jay’s favorite weapon by far as a Ninja of Lighting!