The World of Ninjago


Enchanted Land of Ninjago

Ninjago, a place created by the first Masters of Spinjitzu using the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu has everything to offer in terms of sights and sounds, but also for battles and wars!


Caves of Despair

Deep within the cavernous caves lies the Golden Scythe of Quakes, guarded by the strong Earth Dragon.

Floating Ruins

Mystical floating nunchucks-shaped land where the Lighting Dragon protects the Golden Nunchucks of Lightning.

Frozen Wasteland

An ice-laden island, deep within a frozen sea of iceberg hold the Golden Shurikens of Ice, safely guarded by the Ice Dragon.

Forest of Tranquility

Monastery of Spinjitzu

At the top of hundreds of steps, virtually impenetrable monastery is the perfect place for meditation and traning.

4 Weapons

A humble blacksmith shop in Ninjago where Kai and Nya lives and works, little do they know the secret it holds.

Fire Temple

Constructed around a hot, active volcano, the Fire Temple holds the powerful Golden Dragon Sword of Fire, carefully monitored by the fiery Fire Dragon.

The Underworld

The place where no mortal can enter without the aid of mystical creatures like Dragons. The Underworld houses giant spiders, skeletons, and all that’s evil in Ninjago.

Garmadon’s Dark Fortress

Claimed from Samukai, Garmadon calls this home now.

Jamonakai Village

A small village just outside of the Monastery, where a new reign of terror stems for the ninjas to seize.