Dragons & Vehicles

Cars, Trucks, Choppers and Dragons, Yes, Dragons!

The LEGO Ninjago line featured many cool and unique vehicles and dragons since its release. In fact, the vehicles and dragons are more impressive than the LEGO minifigure characters because of their complexity and uniqueness. Here’s a list of items and characters that the folks in Ninjago likes to use to get around town and in battles.


Flame – Fire Dragon 

Flame was assigned to guard the Dragon Sword of Fire in the Fire Temple.

Rocky – Earth Dragon 

Rocky was the ninja’s first encounter with dragons, he guarded the Scythe of Quakes in the Caves of Despair. Despite’s Cole’s initial fear of dragons, Rocky became Cole’s favorite friend and companion.

Shard – Ice Dragon 

Shard guarded the Shurikens of Ice in the Frozen Wasteland.

Wisp – Lighting Dragon 

Wisp guarded the Nunchucks of Lighting in the Floating Ruins.

Skeleton Army Vehicles

Skull Truck 

The Skull Truck is Samukai’s preferred ride. Large and menacing, it rips through the land like no other.

Nuckal’s ATV 

How Nuckal gets his own ride, We’re not sure, but the uber-large tires and flame-throwing exhaust sure fits the bill! This ATV wasn’t featured in the TV show though.

Skull Motorbike 

Think of the Skull Motorbike as the Skeleton Army’s version of a hog biker squad. The standard transport of the skeleton army.

Turbo Shredder 

The Turbo Shredder is just one cool machine. Sporting four large tread wheel system, it’s fast and can go over any terrain.

Golden Weapon Vehicle Transformations

Destiny’s Bounty 

After the Monastery got burned to the ground by the Serpentines, Zane found this broken down pirate ship as their new home while Jay used his gadgetry to turn it into a mobile base and headquarter.

Jay’s Storm Fighter 

Created by Jay’s Golden Nunchucks of Lightning, the Storm Fighter has all the qualities of Jay, lighting fast and nimble.

Cole’s Tread Assault 

A result of Cole’s Golden Scythe of Quakes, this formidable and big ground vehicle is solid as a rock and runs through any terrain with utmost authority!

Zane’s Snowmobile 

Small, stealthy and perfectly compliments Zane’s ice skills. Crafted by his Golden Shurikens of Ice.

Kai’s Blade Cycle 

Fiery and unstable, the Blade Cycle epitomized who Kai is and this ride is just as lethal!

Fangpyre Venom Induced Vehicles and Mechanical Creatures

In case you haven’t seen the show, the Fangpyre Serpentine tribe has the ability to turn mechanical and living creatures into a legion of snake army with their special venom. The Fangpyre (vampire, get it?) bites into any anything and turns them to snakes!

Fangpyre Mech 

In the TV series, the mech was actually a robotic ninja Jay’s father made to honor his son.

Fangpyre Wrecking Ball 

One of of the bigger weapons the Fangpyre venom converted from the junkyard of Jay’s parents, it still needs to be manned by an operator however.

Fangpyre Truck 

An impressive looking snake truck with fangs and a whipping tail!


One of the earliest ‘victims’ of the Fangpyre venom, a flying snake!