LEGO Ninjago DX and ZX Ninjas

Beyond the Original Ninjas

The original four ninjas are pretty standard, they’re regular kids who trained to be standard ninjas, each with their own elemental strengths.

  • Kai – Ninja of Fire
  • Jay – Ninja of Lighting
  • Cole – Ninja of Earth
  • Zane – Ninja of Ice.

Towards the end of the Masters of Spinjitzu movie, they suddenly transformed into the DX versions without explanation or transition.

What Does DX Stand For Then?

DX stands for Dragon Extreme

When the four ninjas, Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane needed to enter the Underworld to rescue Sensei Wu and protect the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu, they needed a way to get through as the Underworld cannot be entered by mortals.

Kai discovered that the dragons they befriended are able to get in and out of both the Underworld and Ninjago so they trained their dragons accordingly. After successfully training their elemental dragons, they became the DX (Dragon Extreme) Spinjitzu masters and as a resutl, their uniforms changed to gi with dragon markings.

So now they’re called Kai DX, Cole DX, Jay DX, and Zane DX.

How About the ZX Ninjas?

The ZX series comes out in 2012 along with the Snakes characters.

In my opinion, it’s borderline milking the franchise in terms of products as our beloved ninjas now sports helmets and weapons of other Japanese martial art subcultures as well as modern vehicles.

Kai ZX actually looks like a Samurai – yes, a SAMURAI! A Ninja’s eternal enemy!

Cole ZX is using a moto-cross-like helmet, Jay ZX looks like a futuristic warlord, and Zane ZX is using a full set of Kendo gear!

While I totally understand that the Ninjago series isn’t supposed to be accurate to the Ninja subculture, it’s still a bit of a stretch to see them wearing non-Ninja outfits to fight.

I’m OK with the vehicles, cool new weapons and all, but Ninjas in Samurai and Kendo gear doesn’t make sense.

At least the new spinners and weapons are very, very cool :)