Snakes / Serpentines

Serpentines! The Legendary Snake People!

The Snakes are a new group of LEGO Ninjago characters announced in late 2011 and to be shown around December of 2011.

The new season called “Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: Rise of the Snakes”, will be shown on Cartoon Network again in the United States starting January 2012 though certain European countries can watch it as early as December 2011.

Plot of Season 2 – Rise of the Serpentines

The new season finds our four favorite ninjas, their sensei, and Nya confronting not only Lord Garmadon, but also his son Lloyd Garmandon!

If that’s not bad enough a new army of long-lost Snake people called “The Serpentine” that consist of five different tribes, previously at war and banished in different places in Ninjago.

Each Serpentine tribe is led by a single general – the one with the tail. Which is rather amusing as each tribe only has one snake that has a tail while the rest have feet.

The setting is more modern with this new season and ventures to different parts of Ninjago. The five tribes are discovered one-by-one by Lloyd Garmadon in his quest to get rid of the Ninjas as well as collect more candies for himself.

Part of the new twist of this season is how the Ninjas became lazy after Lord Garmadon disappeared during their last encounter in the Underworld.

Sensei Wu was able to train his ninjas to use their new Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu beyond normal weapons and unlocked the weapon’s full potential to transform to high-tech machineries for each ninja. In turn, our heros turned into their ZX stages (after DX) with their new skills.

The Green Ninja

In addition, a mysterious Green Ninja and a red robotic Samurai X also appear in this series. Where both new characters came from and what their roles are througout this battle against the Serpentine is a big mystery that we’ll find out as the movie progresses.

Without giving too much away, the Ninjas found out in an old scripture that revealed a prophecy that a mysterious green ninja, who will rise above the other four ninjas and defeat the Dark Lord to bring peace in Ninjago.

The four boys got curious and constantly trying to prove that they’re deserving to become the mysterious green ninja.

Here are the list of new characters this season:

Lloyd Garmadon

Lloyd is trying to be an evil tyrant like his father but he’s not very good at it and he often gets into trouble in the Boarding School for Bad Boys (where Nuckal and Kruncha are teachers!) so he seeks out the Serpentine to form his army.

General Scales

General of the Hypnobrai tribe. Scales won the title of General after defeating Slitheraa in a duel when Slitheraa was still the general.

The Hypnobrai’s special power is the ability to hypnotize and control their enemies.


Previously the general for the Hypnobrai tribe but was demoted after losing to General Scales. Slitheraa accidentally hypnotized himself when he tried to hypnotize Lloyd, that’s how Lloyd gained control of the Hypnobrai tribe.


Rattla is the Hypnobrai’s scout.

Fangtom (moniker for Phantom)

Leader of the Fangpyre tribe. The Fangpyre tribe (moniker for Vampire) has the ability to bite into anything and turn them into snakes, including machines!


Second in command for the Fangpyre Tribe.

Fang-Suei & Snappa

Fangpyre Warriors

Spitta, Lasha

Members of the Venomari Tribe


The sole surviving Anacondrai general, who possibly ate all his other companions in their cave.

Jay’s Parents

Ever proud of their son, Jay’s parents are as talkative and inventive as he is. Jay’s dreaded secret is revealed when his parents met the rest of the team.

Samurai X

In one episode where the four ninjas were about to be permanently defeated by the Serpentines, a mysterious red Samurai robot came to their rescue. The robot was controlled by a red Samurai character.

Green Ninja

When the boys accidentally found an old prophecy scroll of Sensei Wu, they discovered that a green ninja will emerge and will stand above all other ninjas and help defeat the evil Dark Lord.

Who do you think it will be?

Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes Trailer

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