Kai and Jay realized that General Nuckal’s after the Shurikens of Ice, and the followed him through a porthole from the underworld.

After running for days, Kai and Jay got hungry and they decided to find some food. They followed their nose and looked for a place that smelled good – And they found one!

They saw a jar of yellow powder that tasted really good, so they grabbed some.

Kai later found another jar of red chewy plant and it was as hot as he was – and he liked it!

Large Hands Are After The Cheese and Chili!

Both Kai and Jay were happy to finally find food, but strangely, giant hands keep taking their large jars of food again and again!

They finally got mad and decided to protect the two jars with their Spinjitzu powers!


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Needing a smaller companion than his Fire Dragon, Kai decides to get a pet.

He wanted a puppy but couldn’t find one tough enough to act as his sidekick in battle as well. So he left LEGO land and crossed over to the kingdom of Playmobil and found his perfect pet.

This furry dog is cute, cuddly, brave, and loyal. But he’s still twice as large as Kai and big enough to ride on!

LEGO Ninjago Kai's New Pet


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